Valentines and bunnies❤❤

Yesterday was my last day of work since the OPT work visa I am here in the States on has reached its end date. I was sad that it was my last day at work, but it helped that it was also Valentine’s day, and I was meeting my lovely boyfriend for dinner after work.

On the way to dinner, my Lyft driver was giving away roses for Valentine’s, and it was the sweetest gesture🌹

For dinner,we went to an awesome sushi place in Lincoln Square where they make the sushi fresh at the bar. Highly recommend Miku Sushi if you’re a sushi lover.

My very sweet boyfriend also got me flowers and earned major brownie points💕

After dinner, we went to Huettenbar and got drinks, which is great if you love pubs with a vintage 70s feel. The night ended with the couch and 10 things I hate about you on Netflix💖

Today I went to see my friend’s new bunny, and it is probably the most adorable bunny ever!

I hope everyone is as excited about the week as I am about holding this bunny🐇



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