Miles Davis & Francine Turk

Not long ago, I went to the art opening of Francine Turk on behalf of Felix Magazine. Francine, the artist had been given access to Miles Davis’ private journal and created a whole collection of paintings inspired by them. The paintings were beautiful, and it was like a sneak peek into his private thoughts since the paintings had recurring themes and subjects from the journals in them.

The event was sponsored by the Chicago lifestylemagazine Sophisticated living, and it was a great night, also in attendance, but not pictured, were Miles Davis’ family.

Below are pictures from the event.





Spent my day off running errands with Paige in Lakeview, and the summer sun is still going strong🌞

Outfit: Top (similar) , pants (similar),shoes, bag, bracelets (similar).


Lotd #10

Another lunchbreak spent exploring the Lincoln Park neigbourhood yesterday.
This random white corner window with the flowerbed in the middle of the brown buildings is a favorite. I don’t why, but the white and flowers remind me of Greece and vacation.

Green everywhere👌

Another favorite payless comfy flats.

Realizing this underneath this tree has the best lighting.

Old Loreal Infallible gloss that I have no idea what the shade is called, but it still works.


Outfit details: shoes, cardigan, dress (similar)bag (similar).


Lotd #9

Tuesday’s lunch was spent exploring the neigbourhood again. It’s still warm, but the leaves have started falling. Not ready to say goodbye to green and lush Chicago yet. I also wore another one of my old roommate’s shirts, thanks Elise!

I’m pretty much incapable of wearing shoes that aren’t comfortable. Most of the shoes I wear to work are flats from the comfortable line at Payless, including these.

Victoria’s secret gloss ftw.



Sunday Paige and I went to an event with some other people from school, and Monday is my day off, so I went downtown with Paige and another friend.

Below are some pictures from both days.

Lake sunrises.

Downtown Monday.


Lotd #8

It feels like this week has flown by. It’s been mostly work and the gym, but it’s finally Friday and just one more day of work after this before I can sleep in, YAY. I work Tuesday-Saturdays, so Sunday and Monday are my days off.
Here’s some pics from yesterday.

I usually spend part of my lunch break walking around the Lincoln Park area, It’s a really pretty neigbourhood in the summer.

I also went to the beach after on Tuesday for the first! And probably last time this summer. Luckily it was still warm, and the evening sky was gorgeous. Chicago really is a completely different and beautiful city during the summer.



Sunday, I went to the Chicago Art Institute, and then to Lincoln Square with Paige.

They had a surprising amount of Monets in their collection.

Even one he’d painted in Norway. Go Norway!

They were all gorgeous.

The coolest painting was the one below though, because it looked different depending on which angle you viewed it from. One of the pictures is taken from the right side and the other from the left side.

I was way too fascinated with this painting.

There was also some more “modern art”.

Too funny.

Afterwards, I went to Lincoln Square and enjoyed the weather with Paige.

Both the bag and shoes are from payless. I love it when stores have sales💕

And this lipgloss stain from Victoria’s Secret that I’ve had forever, but it’s somehow magic and never runs out. 

The shade is called stay awhile, and it really does.