Lotd #4

On Monday Paige and I took a trip downtown to run errands and enjoy the weather until it started raining….

L 💕


Lotd #3

Thought it would be more fitting to change it to Lotd for lipstick of the day💄

Smoothie on my way to the hairdresser after a work. A year since last time I got it colored….


Bye bye haircolor.

Before. Ew.


Happy client👍

And on my lips 💄 Revlon Colorstain in the color; 005 Parisian.

It doesn’t really live it up to it’s name, and is more of a colorstain on anything you eat or drink. But it’s pretty right after you put it on💁

Ended the day on a very high note, on the rooftop of my friend’s building. Below are some pictures of the view.🙌

So pretty💕


Ootd #2

Ootd #2

Some girls wear their boyfriend’s shirt, I wear my old rommate’s. Thank you Elise for having too much clothes to bring them all back to Norway. And for loving pink❤

The best thing about this shirt is definitely the back.

The windy city always makes it look like I have my own personal assistant following me around with a fan💁Which is great for pictures and does wonders for my ego😂

ALL the pink today💕

And this new favorite Forever 21 statement necklace.

Lips: Revlon Ultra HD Matte in the color kisses💄

Plus pink shades.

Now I’m ready for a nap after staying up way too late and laughing at terrible jokes with Paige.




Ootd #1

Ootd #1


I’m Lita, a 27-year old Norwegian currently living and working in the windy city, also known as Chicago. I’ll be using this blog to mostly document outfit and lipsticks, in addition to tidbits from my life.


I made my friend Paige take this on the way to the train this morning, in addition to pose for one cause she was dressed cute.

Ice coffee is basically what I live on during the summer.

Today’s lipstick

I’m wearing these two combined.

If nothing else, this blog will be a great excuse for more lipticks 💃