Since I will soon be moving back to Norway, I’ve decided to move my blog to, and will be blogging there from now on;

See you there!


Flu season 😷


Trying to smile cause at least the weather was nice yesterday, even tough I felt like 💩 I’ve been sick the last couple of days, and trying to trick my body in to feeling better with lots of green juices and fruit, but it didn’t help, so had to suck it up and go to the doctor today. The penicillin she prescribed will hopefully be more effective👍

At least the sky was blue and sun popped out🔅


And there was girlfriend time and Starbucks ☕






Sunglasses are great when you need to cover up how miserable you’re feeling, also layers of makeup 💄

Here’s to hoping the sun stays and my flu goes away.💝


Cleaning out my closet

Since I will be moving and going back to Norway soon, I am cleaning out my closet and trying to get rid of items I don’t use. Apparently I have a lot of stuff I forgot about.

I made a Postmark account to see if I can sell some of it there, so take a look. 

Lita’s poshmark closet

Among other things I’ve listed this lace top from my last blog post. I will also be adding more as I go through all my things. Which could take some time. Apparently you can accumulate a lot over a few years.

Also selling this glitter crop top.

Go through all your tings is oddly therapeutic in a way though. Clear your closet and your mind, haha. 


Coffee break ☕ 








I checked out a local coffee place, and tried Raspberry Mocha for the first time, it was amazing and pretty much everything I didn’t know I wanted in a coffee ☕


Not so amazing however was their Chipotle chicken salad, it tasted how I imagine chicken in a sauce of cow manure and pure chilli would taste like. My throat still hurts from that unfortunate experience, and my water bottle and coffee was not enough to take the sting out, so I left soon after running out of beverages to put out the fire in my throat.


Definitely don’t recommend this. Æsj.


I do however recommend the Sophie Kinsella book I’m currently reading, My not so perfect life, it’s basically a romantic comedy in book form, and it’s hilarious.


Cheers to coffees and Kindles☕


Sunny Saturdays

My Saturday started with a morning lifting session in Lincoln Square.

After my workout and running some errands, I went to Panera for much needed girltime and carbs.

The rest of the day was spent outside on campus enjoying the surprisingly warm February weather 🔆

The night ended with drinks and more food with Paige.


Valentines and bunnies❤❤

Yesterday was my last day of work since the OPT work visa I am here in the States on has reached its end date. I was sad that it was my last day at work, but it helped that it was also Valentine’s day, and I was meeting my lovely boyfriend for dinner after work.

On the way to dinner, my Lyft driver was giving away roses for Valentine’s, and it was the sweetest gesture🌹

For dinner,we went to an awesome sushi place in Lincoln Square where they make the sushi fresh at the bar. Highly recommend Miku Sushi if you’re a sushi lover.

My very sweet boyfriend also got me flowers and earned major brownie points💕

After dinner, we went to Huettenbar and got drinks, which is great if you love pubs with a vintage 70s feel. The night ended with the couch and 10 things I hate about you on Netflix💖

Today I went to see my friend’s new bunny, and it is probably the most adorable bunny ever!

I hope everyone is as excited about the week as I am about holding this bunny🐇